John R. Cunin 5000 Euclid Avenue #100 Cleveland, Ohio 44103. Weve been talking about things that have been very important to him and I and our uprisings our upbringing. Midtown spans the entire island of Manhattan along an east-west axis, bounded by the East River on its east and the Hudson River to its west. In Midtown 48.10% of the population is Black. Cleveland Eye Bank / Eversight | 2013 Cromwell Mechanical LLC | 2012 Your Bean Counters, Inc. | 2014 The front house up unit is 90% complete while the down unit is drywalled. 10660 Carnegie Ave. 2.5 km from Tru By Hilton Cleveland Midtown. The Downtown, University, and Edgewater neighborhoods have the lowest percentage of children (4 percent, 7 percent, and 13 percent respectively), while Cuyahoga Valley, Central, Buckeye-Woodhill, and Kinsman each are comprised of at least 30 percent children. Check out the profiles here. MidTown Cleveland is just part of the incredible legacy Mort Mandel leaves behind. We had many people with a lot of needs and a lot of people with gifts that they wanted to share with other people and not any way to put it together because people couldn't meet in person. They helped with immediate needs around PPE as well as with creating virtual platforms for people to connect with one another. AEG Presents / Agora | 2017 Dealer Tire has been in MidTown since 1963, and Scotts decision to double down on the neighborhood by rehabbing the Victory building at East 71st and Euclid helped catalyze additional growth and investment into the neighborhood. My mother and father [have] always done some type of business in MidTown and Ive always had some type of interest in the MidTown area and I decided to come back after I got a little older and invest because of that personal connection and I see the potential of growth.. The violent crime rate per 1,000 residents is estimated at 14.56, and the property crime rate per 1,000 is about 44.32. Gwendolyn Garth is a leader personified. Lemma Getachew and Alexis Mendoza are putting the finishing touches on the newest project to be completed in the neighborhood - the historic rehabilitation of a long vacant former office building at 3101 Euclid into eighty apartments known as The MidTown which will open this fall. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Carolina Masri recognized that MedWish, the MidTown-based organization she serves as Executive Director, could play a unique role in the response. LLC | 2018 Dav, Stop by Vitiman Kandie Cafe to support an incoming. Its been really great to find a home here, to feel like there is the Asian community that I missed from back home, to see investment go into it and watch new restaurants pop up and to watch the neighborhood become more beautiful too. Selected as a 2019 Gordon Square Arts District Artist-In-Residence, you may find some of Fords work on the back of the Capitol Theatre Building located at the corner of Detroit and West 65th. MidTown Cleveland is the sole organization charged with leveraging MidTowns diverse assets to develop a dynamic neighborhood that unites the citys downtown and innovation districts. We started from ground one and were continuing to grow. Cuyahoga County Land Bank | 2018 Indications are that the growth spurt is hardly over. 2910-3002 17th Ave. Williston, ND 58801. Signature Health | 2020 Find Townhomes of Shadow Glen, TN, Multifamily Listings, Townhomes of Shadow Glen, TN, Multifamily Buildings, Townhomes of Shadow Glen, TN, Multifamily Properties or find a brokers specializing in Townhomes of Shadow Glen, TN . In 2020, she partnered with Daniel Gray-Kontar through a National Endowment of the Arts grant, as artist-organizers for the E. 66th Street TLCI streetscape design update, leading on virtual community engagement efforts during the challenging time of COVID-19 and introducing the dance break concept to lighten up and energize long zoom meetings. Eleanor Squire Library at Cleveland Botanical Garden. He was recently awarded a photojournalism fellowship through the Cleveland Print Rooms Capturing Cleveland Initiative. This blog is really only a snapshot of the data that can be found in our Neighborhood Profiles. It brought warmth to others, and also demonstrates another way for my kid to interact with people.. Now with a huge need right at home, the team worked to identify what could be used in Cleveland. Munich has grown by 3,033 in the last year, which represents a 0.19% annual change. Housing Affordability MidTown Cleveland, Inc. has been serving the neighborhood for over 30 years, and has evolved from a business-focused organization working on safety, blight reduction, and networking to a hybrid economic and community development organization serving the diverse group of residents, businesses, and nonprofits who call MidTown home. Look out for another blog later in the week where I will call attention to some neighborhoods to watch, for better or worse. An attorney by trade and storyteller by nature, her ability to mesh strategy, innovation, and . Cleveland-native Brandon Peck is a creative director and videographer who focuses on documentary and lifestyle work. Pop was excited to take part in the Feed AsiaTown program, a MidTown-led effort to make bulk meal purchases from AsiaTown restaurants to feed food-insecure residents, a program that helped both the community and restaurants like Map of Thailand. Cleveland Indians | 2019, Coleman Spohn Corporation | 1995 Vazza Real Estate | 2017 MidTown Cleveland, Inc. is located at5000 Euclid Avenuein the historic Agora building. [1] While always questioning the truth, Ford aims to establish a platform in which her sitter may present themselves as they please. My favorite part of the job is telling real stories, Brandon says. Of this, 61.94% are males and 38.05% are females. Thomas Roulston In this year where we are physically distanced from one another, our annual report will focus solely on the portraits and words of the people who are going above and beyond, in ways big and small, to make MidTown a better place. With the pandemic causing widespread cancellations of events throughout Cleveland, MidTown moved its planned Caffeine Beats concert series to a virtual format, enlisting singer and songwriter B. Landrum to stream a musical performance on Facebook and Instagram live. Transaction Realty | 2015 Find locations and more info at the WALLS microsite: The MidTown neighborhood runs from the Innerbelt trench to the west to E 79thto the east, from Cedar to the south to Payne to the north. MedWish | 2018 Third Federal Savings & Loan | 2012, Acme Express, Inc. | 1993 Daves Marketplace | 1993 Employment and Income Clevelands neighborhoods vary in size, though some are very populous. Storybox Cinema | 2018 Caf Phix MidTown | 2019 Scott Mueller is CEO of Dealer Tire, one of MidTowns largest and fastest growing employers. She is partnering with artist Antwoine Washington on another large-scale mural for the 2021 MidTown international mural program powered by POW! Cleveland Hillel Foundation, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress MidTown Cleveland, Inc. has been serving the neighborhood for over 30 years, and has evolved from a business-focused organization working on safety, blight reduction, and networking to a hybrid economic and community development organization serving the diverse group of residents, businesses, and nonprofits who call MidTown home. He brings thoughtful craft and human composition to his projects - creating lasting memories, capturing critical moments, and engaging with both individual subjects and larger social dialogue. Robert B. Lash The economic and symbolic center of the city and the Cleveland-Akron-Canton, OH Combined Statistical Area, it is Cleveland's oldest district, with its Public Square laid out by city founder General Moses Cleaveland in 1796. Why do we do this? M. John Lillis Labor force participation, or the percent of people who are either employed or looking for a job, is highest in Tremont, Edgewater, Kamms, Old Brooklyn, and Jefferson. MidTown -Historic Up-and-Coming Cleveland Neighborhood with Popular Attractions. The 200-acre Cortex Innovation District in St. Louis, where Wexford has completed three . Abraham Realty Company | 2018 What Lexy and I have been able to both bring to the table is this understanding that artists are always engaged in the process of working with and through and for community. Daniel C. Sussen, Video Excerpt : Interview with Daniel Gray-Kontar, Video Excerpt : Interview with Gwendolyn Garth, AsiaTown Sweetheart Co-Founder & Resident. UH Rainbow Babies & Children's: Northeast Ohio's Top Pediatric Health Care Provider | University Hospitals COVID-19 Information COVID-19 Testing Visitor & Mask Requirements Schedule an appointment today Call to Schedule: 216-UH4-KIDS Schedule Online Doctors Services Locations Rainbow Sign-In / Sign-Up Cart Find a Doctor Frost Architectural Preservation, Inc. | 2011 Each of those neighborhoods is also among the top ten highest median household incomes in the city with incomes ranging from just over $30,000 to nearly $48,000 annually; for reference, Ohios median household income is over $48,000. Im not big on a lot of talk, and MidTown they are action people I call em Do it people. How can we help?. The Caffeine Beats series aims to connect younger generations to the musical legacy in the neighborhood. Lillian Kuri has been a true visionary and champion for MidTown and the community, spearheading the Foundations move to the neighborhood and catalyzing a variety of community-focused planning efforts to strengthen the quality and connectivity of place in the neighborhood. Taxel Image Group * | 1983 9. Residential Makeup 2,326 . Nestled in Cleveland's University Circle neighborhood, the school is con. The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation Nicola, Gudbranson & Cooper, LLC | 2017 What has kept her involved with Leos and MidTown is the commitment to action. Lastly, many city folks aren't accustomed to rednecks being 50% of the population, so seeing confederate flags / trump flags on big trucks is nauseating. During the pandemic the MedWish team has worked non-stop on sorting, packing, and shipping PPE. Jerry Rothenberg | 1984 There are 9,667 residents in Midtown Houston, with a median age of 33.3. Her work has been shown in galleries such as Kent State University, Transformer Station, SPACES Gallery. The population density in Midtown is 34% higher than New York. ARC/ Riot | 2008 Chicago Title Insurance Company | 2018 Dollar Bank | 2017 American Coffee Services | 1987 Data prepared by Esri from U.S. Census Bureau | Data captured in 2010 - Listed projections for 2016 Radius calculated from 6200 Euclid Avenue . Cleveland Census Microgrant Coalition People who talk a little bit and go out and do something. Eagle Foods | 2020 Marous Brothers | 2017 Masjid Bilal, Inc. | 2017 thunder::tech | 2004 Organizations can react in very different ways to crisis and adversity, and for MidTown Cleveland, Inc. the events of 2020 have sharpened our mission and urgency around racial equity and forced us to become even more innovative than before. Akin Affrica has been connected to MidTown his whole life he was born and raised at East 69th and Carnegie and he and his family have owned businesses in the neighborhood on and off ever since. Currents Leading to Cleveland The progression of the city's Asian population The majority race in Memphis overall is black at 46.6% of residents. Ron Fuqua is a resident, a visionary, an entrepreneur, and an activist. Population: 12,978; Violent Crime: 1,835; Property Crime: 4,509; Total Reported Crime: 6,344; Hough is a Cleveland neighborhood on the east side of the city, located along the midtown corridor. It is such an incredible moment for MidTown, that really speaks to the leadership of the organization and the board and the staff. Weinberg Wealth Management, LLC | 2020, 3131 Corporation | 2018 We hear a lot about gentrification the idea that as neighborhoods experience investment, they become more desirable, which raises housing prices so that residents can often no longer afford to live there. The Hive is open to everyone, from entrepreneurs to people in career shifts to those looking to add their expertise to someone's idea. A Hough resident, Alana is a member of MidTowns Community Connections Committee, the UH/MidTown Community Advisory Board, and the University Hospitals Associate Foundation Board, and is active with Neighborhood Connections. In 2020, Atlanta, GA had a population of 498k people with a median age of 33.2 and a median household income of $64,179. Both units have all new electric, plumbing, high efficiency furnaces, tankless hot water . Ten percent of Clevelanders identify as having Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, and Latino residents are most heavily concentrated on the near west side in the Clark-Fulton (48 percent Latino), Stockyards (32 percent Latino), and Brooklyn Centre (32 percent Latino) neighborhoods. Daniel Fashimpaur First American Title Company | 2019 B.Landrum, and many artists, have struggled through the pandemic but do their best to keep a positive outlook. In Midtown 12.69% of the population is Asian. The Cleveland Foundation Bringing Jazz and black entrepreneurs back to Euclid Ave.. Copy King | 2016 The city's parks and real estate departments have two weeks to identify land where homeless people can camp at a social distance. The demographics of Cleveland have fluctuated throughout the city's history. But I think the honesty that is coming from what we want to showcase is incredibly important I just think that being a Black woman and being a Black man artist in Cleveland where there is not a whole lot of representation there is incredibly its important and I feel honored to be included in a project where we get to do that and also represent our community., Artist & MuralistMural Festival Participant. The twelve months since our last annual meeting and report in September 2019 have been unusual and momentous as our work, our team, and our neighborhood have been disrupted by both the COVID-19 pandemic and a national dialogue about racial equity and police brutality stemming from George Floyds murder. It's a great community project [it] gives me a lot of hope during this difficult time. Users should exercise caution when comparing 2017-2021 ACS 5-year estimates to other ACS estimates. Video Excerpt : Interview with Akin Affrica, THREE BLACK KNIGHTS REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS, Video Excerpt : Interview with Lisa Litton, Musician & Producer, LandMine Music Productions, With the pandemic causing widespread cancellations of events throughout Cleveland, MidTown moved its planned Caffeine Beats concert series to a virtual format, enlisting singer and songwriter B. Landrum to stream a, Multi-disciplinary artist, choreographer, social worker, entrepreneur Lattimore Productions, Video Excerpt : Interview with Lexy Lattimore, Community Organizer, New Voices for Reproductive Justice, Video Excerpt : Interview with Alana Ferguson, Retired Attorney, Hough Resident, Community Leader, Video Excerpt : Interview with Carolyn Watts Allen, Frontline Worker & Porter, Dave's Markets, Video Excerpt : Interview with Roger Myles, Chief Operating Officer, ThirdSpace Action Lab, Video Excerpt : Interview with Third Space's Maura Garven, Co-Founder & Creative Director, ThirdSpace Action Lab, Video Excerpt : Interview with Third Space's Mordecai Cargill, Video Excerpt : Interview with AsiaTown leader Jason Lin. General Video of America | 1989 #, MAGNET's new home is a hub of innovation rich with, The new hough Library is located at Lexington ave, Want to impress your holiday guests? During the summer, Midtown hosted five community c, Hunger Network is hiring a Donor Partnerships Mana, A new year calls for new items in your wardrobe! Erika Browns work is all about building relationships and networks a task made particularly challenging during COVID-19. I want to take our stories and put them in the spotlight literally., ARTIST, SOCIAL WORKERLATTIMORE PRODUCTIONS. Dealer Tire decided to remain in MidTown after a national search and evaluating locations across Northeast Ohio. Burkle Hagen | 2017 P & P Maintenance | 2015 Your chance of being a victim of violent crime in Savannah is 1 in 202 and property crime is 1 in 61. You cant show your heart to people unless youre surrounded by people who feel the same way, so when you can team up and have the support, it makes it all the better. Cleveland Building & Construction Trades Council | 1987 Overview of Brooklyn, Kings County, New York (Borough). Race Ahead | 2018 In 2019, there were an estimated 167,290 people in Midtown, of which 15.8% of the population identified as Asian, 4.6% identified as Black, 17.4% identified as Hispanic, and 58.6% identified as white. My centering team is like a family, and we all share the same heart, and that because a lot of us have been through what our patients are going through., Centering Pregnancy CoordinatorUH RAINBOW CENTER FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN, Im excited about the new ideas and innovation that are coming into our community. Craig Melnick | 2018 Midtown is characterized by vintage residential housing, a blend of independent and chain retailers, and high-rise buildings. "We were really intentional about making sure that our artists represented out community demographics," said Vice President of Community Development, Joyce Huang. "A five-year plan will change this pass-through commercial district into a vibrant, bustling, innovative neighborhood. Opportunity Zone. Kenneth J. Coleman | 1983 . Glass Doctor of Cleveland | 1993 The mural festival is a. Dodd Camera Company | 1994 Forced me to write more and produce more. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. CleveLawn | 2019, First Energy | 2018 Between 2008 and 2019, more than $335 million of real estate investment in 30 projects has resulted in 750,000 square feet of new or renovated commercial space. The neighborhoods with the highest percentage of White residents are Kamms (86 percent white) and Old Brooklyn (80 percent white). Cleveland Kids in Need | 2009 BT Solar | 2017 Buckeye Business Products/ Pubco / Kroy | 2017 Im excited about all the people Im meeting. Ozanne Construction | 2019 First Federal of Lakewood | 2019 Jackie Larkinss coffee shop, Cafe Phix MidTown, had been open since 2018 inside the Digital C MidTown Tech Hive and was just starting to hit its stride when the pandemic forced its doors shut. She also oversees the community teaching kitchen and is excited about how the store and the kitchen bring the community together. Progressive Arts Alliance | 2019 Multifamily 48 Units $46,875/unit. The town celebrates the dynamism, accessibility, and growth of our community at a neighborhood scale. Meaden & Moore | 2013 The crime happened at 3402 Clark Ave. at 3:20 p.m. on Jan. 3, according . Which it feels kind of feels like an uprising too! G2G Consulting | 2018 And our new facility, it's amazing how many people love it and feel it's got a Silicon Valley vibe to it.. Apex Pinnacle Sign | 2019 HzW Environmental Consultants, Inc. | 2005 Vocational Guidance Services | 2005 Graffiti | 1989 First Interstate | 2017 During COVID19, I felt the hearts of Karis and Cui that they have for my community. Fairfax, Clark-Fulton, Cudell, and Central have the highest rates of cash public assistance income, ranging from 12 to 19 percent. We have distributed respiratory supplies and ventilators to different Healthcare institutions and Frontline responders. MedWish partnered with other organizations to secure and distribute 100,000 facemasks to nearly 100 local organizations, including social service agencies and nursing homes. Urban League of Greater Cleveland | 2014 Lee-Harvard, Lee-Seville, and Fairfax have the highest rates of households with Social Security income. Bialosky & Partners Architects | 2016 Map of Thailand has been serving incredible Thai food in AsiaTown since it opened in 2011 and its loyal customer base has made this AsiaTown restaurant a popular lunch spot. An official website of the United States government. Youth Opportunity Unlimited | 2020, City of Cleveland Initiate Studios | 2018 So if they are all four months, we talk about things that happen during the fourth month. Demographics PNC Foundation, Lloyd Bell Even just seeing what you guys are doing with POW! The $2 million project (of which the City of Cleveland is providing $744,000) is designed to create a digitally literate population in MidTown and bring the city to the forefront in technology and innovation. Tom Roberts President, On Leong AssociationGood Harvest Food Market Owner. Teal Sky Properties | 2019 She and the Neighborhood Connections team has had to pivot to virtual community engagement models and innovate given the evolving situation on the ground. A larger mural will appear as part of the international mural program hosted by MidTown and powered by POW! Lisa Litton is one of the frontline heroes in MidTown, working tirelessly to ensure that Daves Market and Eatery can continue to provide safe access to food throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts: Cleveland city, Ohio QuickFacts Cleveland city, Ohio Table (a) Includes persons reporting only one race (c) Economic Census - Puerto Rico data are not comparable to U.S. Economic Census data (b) Hispanics may be of any race, so also are included in applicable race categories By. I think weve found new ways to work and we've managed to stay productive and stay busy., PRINCIPAL & COO, BIALOSKYINCOMING BOARD CHAIR. When you work with people who have the same heart as you do, it makes it all the better. Roger Myles is another frontline hero at Daves Market and Eatery, working to disinfect and keep the store so clean the community can shop safely. Citiroc Real Estate Company | 2020 "Im hopeful that this is a moment that will continue to be as imaginative, as creative, as visionary as possible for what the future of this neighborhood is going to become., Co-Founder & PartnerThirdSpace Action Lab. Partners Environmental | 2017 We circle up and sit down to talk about pregnancy, concern[s], and thoughts based on where they are gestationally. The City of Cleveland and MidTown Cleveland, with support from the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA), are partnering on a plan to re-envision the Carnegie Avenue . MidTown Cleveland, the neighborhood connecting Cleveland's vibrant Downtown to the cultural hub of University Circle, has seen tremendous development and change over the last decade. Excellent public and private schools call Midtown home. With in-person meetings impossible but multiple planning efforts in need of a strong community voice, our planning and placemaking team found new and innovative ways to connect with community virtually through town halls, engaging zoom meetings, virtual streaming concerts, and a Chinese language WeChat channel. Greg Peckham | 2019, Hoff & Leigh | 2017 Not surprisingly, the percentage of people on Social Security is highest in places with a higher proportion of seniors. Ron & Maria Fuqua | 2019 Neighborhoods; ZIP Codes; Congressional Districts; Assembly Districts; State Senate Districts G. Robert Klein The Downtown, University, and Edgewater neighborhoods have the lowest percentage of children (4 percent, 7 percent, and 13 percent respectively), while Cuyahoga Valley, Central, Buckeye-Woodhill, and Kinsman each are comprised of at least 30 percent children. Per the newly reported. Alanas involvement, advocacy, and commitment to the neighborhood has helped her make an impact despite the pandemic, and her work helps strengthen MidTown and is part of the fabric of strong communities. DigitalC | 2018 2021 MidTown Cleveland. Inspired by the energy around the Leos Listening Parties, Ron created Leos Casino Radio and is promoting the idea of a Leos Casino Arts and Cultural complex on Euclid Avenue. Recovery Resources | 1997 How are we going to come together and produce something--no matter how we feel about each individual -- how are we going to produce something collectively that can help to move our agenda forward. Michael L. Coticchia Environmental Design Group | 2017 Crescent Digital LLC | 2016 Cleveland Asian Festival | 2017 Philip's branding work in collaboration with MidTown was honored with a 2018 Vibrant City Award from Cleveland Neighborhood Progress. Born in Hough, she now lives in the Central neighborhood and is engaged with a wide variety of arts, civic, and community causes throughout Glenville, Hough, Central, Fairfax, and MidTown. Cleveland School of the Arts. Cleveland Canvas Goods Manufacturing Co. | 1989 MANN Holdings | 2019 Ill talk more about some neighborhoods that have experienced increased investment in a subsequent blog, and for the most part, they are not experiencing housing unaffordability at the same rates as some of Clevelands poorer neighborhoods are. Oswald Companies | 2017 When working with MidTown or any partner he draws on historical materials, documentary sources, and stakeholder input to create a singular visual voice that rings true and can evolve over time. Relax and unwind at, A little recap of a small tree planting event. Dunham Tavern | 1989 With the pandemic temporarily shutting the majority of restaurants in AsiaTown and causing food insecurity, our AsiaTown team started a program to make bulk food purchases from restaurants in the neighborhood and delivering meals to residents in need. Kowit & Company | 2017, Law Office of Deborah Yue | 2020 It's not too late to check out the murals! We welcome thousands of volunteers every year and these volunteers get the chance to explore everything that Midtown has to offer from the delicious ethnic restaurants to cultural sights while they come here they volunteer and they give back to the community., We feel it is exciting to be part of a neighborhood that is rapidly changing. Between 2019 and 2020 the population of Atlanta, GA grew from 488,800 to 497,642, a 1.81% increase and its median household income grew from $59,948 to $64,179, a 7.06% increase. A restaurateur, property owner, and developer, Akin recently purchased and rehabbed the former Hot Sauce Williams building on E. 79th and Carnegie for a new Angies Soul Food Cafe. Skybryte Company | 2004 Harrington Electric Company | 1984 Compare Savannah crime data to other cities, states, and neighborhoods in the U.S. on NeighborhoodScout. Before, it was always their way. Now theyre getting input from me our goals, our dreams. When she reopened with safety protocols in June, business was slow just as it has been for most food businesses, but a burst of social media and publicity soon brought a flood of new customers, many of whom kept coming. Even better, a developer is ready, willing and able to construct mixed-use developments on it, assuming a demolition request is approved. TSAL has partnered with MidTown for several years as MidTown wrestles with its role in undoing racial inequities, particularly around real estate development, that it historically played a role in creating, helping the MidTown team build a deeper understanding of what it means to operationalize racial equity. During COVID-19, April and Carla rose to the challenge of staying connected to moms and providing support, whether that meant care packages for families with COVID-19 infections, doing grocery shopping, or dropping off supplies. Asia Services in Action | 2018 Finally, wed be remiss if we didnt acknowledge a tremendous loss which will have ripple effects far beyond MidTown our founding chairman Morton L. Mandel passed away a month after our annual meeting last Fall at the age of 98. They did a lot of work for the elders and our AsiaTown community. Greater Cleveland Volunteers | 2019 Improve Consulting | 2019 Jencen Architecture | 1984 Pierres Ice Cream | 1989 Chamberlain College of Nursing | 2015 2910-3002 17th Ave. OWNER, ANGIES SOUL CAFETHREE BLACK KNIGHTS REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS. Greater Cleveland COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund Historic renovation on the exterior of both homes is complete. Both of those [utility box wraps] I would say that this is one of the most fun projects that Ive worked on as of today Just trying to get my work to fit comfortably and speak comfortably to my people, hopefully so that it can raise and elevate consciousness to liberate my people., Antwoine is most excited about all of the great beautification projects that you guys are working on, actually giving Black artists the opportunities to raise and lift their voices and elevate themselves in a way. Ford received her BFA in Photography from the Cleveland Institute of Art 16. In Clevelands case, the data are not yet showing signs of this. Poverty rates of MidTown residents have increased from 44% to 50%, and the median household income has seen a 17% decrease from 2008-2012 to 2013-2017, while median gross rents have remained the. The current MidTown brand was devised as an adaptable platform for showcasing the voices and views of the community.

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