It was real football when Jack Tatum and I hit each other on the 2-yard line and I backed into the end zone. "The other person had indulged in so much over the years that we always thought that that's who our dad was," Christian said. "There isn't a coach around who wouldn't want his free safety to be as hard-hitting as Tatum, although he was a rare find. It's a great moment between two Hall of Fame players. Similarly, our understanding of Campbell's story is changing. Jack Tatum, the Raiders safety they called "Assassin," sneaked around another defender. Campbell had roughly 38 yards prior to the carry, finishing with 41 yards in the game on just seven carries. In 1999, he was diagnosed with a spinal condition where doctors said its a miracle he was never paralyzed during his playing days, and by todays medical standards, he would have never been allowed to play the game. Straight-up collisions with shoulders squared and both players running straight at each other almost NEVER happen in a game.There was no intent to injure here; it was a bang-bang play at game speed and a textbook tackle by Shell on a fellow Hall of Famer. Stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference. But to play football youve got to be pretty physical.. Elisha Archibald Manning III (born May 19, 1949) is a former American football quarterback who played in the National Football League (NFL) for 13 seasons, primarily with the New Orleans Saints.He played for the Saints from 1971 to 1982 and also had brief stints with the Houston Oilers and Minnesota Vikings.In college, he played for the Ole Miss Rebels football team at the University of . The wheelchair suddenly made sense. Jack McDowell 1988 Topps Traded #68T Tiffany Parallel RC Jacob deGrom 2016 Topps Chrome Future Stars #FS-5 . Perhaps no one understood how Tatum played better than former NFL guard Conrad Dobler. "There's more risk, frankly, for the player putting your head down than it is for the player enduring the hit," Spoonamore said. Jack Tatum was born on November 18, 1948, in Cherryville, North Carolina, United States. That's where they are wrong. Stingley slanted inside and jumped to make the catch, and Jack gave him a good, clean shot -- very hard, but clean. Tatum's hitting style was well recognized in the 1970s, and his New York Times obituary stated Tatum was a "symbol of a violent game".[1]. "He said he couldn't walk," Jones said. Brady would never make it in a more physical NFL. The following browsers are supported: Chrome, Edge (v80 and later), Firefox and Safari. Jack "Assassin" Tatum Career Highlights 96,634 views Nov 16, 2019 817 Dislike Share NFL Highlight Nation 453 subscribers This is not owned by me NFL Legend - Jack "Assassin" Tatum Highlights. First, for how it happened: The field was previously named for Joe Jamail, a billionaire attorney and Texas mega-booster who was a close friend of Campbell's. He just would have had to go about it differently. Its like a 12 year old falling 40 times vs an adult. When I was standing on my head in my end zone, nobody knew this, but I was thinking, 'Something's wrong.'". Earl Campbell made the Pro Bowl in five of his first six seasons in the NFL. Back then, they definitely hit harder with their heads, but with the CTE disease, the NFL doesnt want to see their retired players offing themselves. Dunta Robinson and DeSean Jackson Both Knocked out 16 of 50 Probably one of the only plays in NFL history where two players are down for the count on one play; it doesn't seem like Dunta Robinson. these dinky receivers would get their heads ripped off by Blount , Tatum or Houston.can you imagine how these QBs of today would be left crying with their faces busted open by the Steel Curtain ,Doomsday or the Purple People Eaters ..????? Tatum visited a number of universities before starting his collegiate career with The Ohio State University Buckeyes. But if he played today, his career might not have even happened. Christian and Tyler were scared to have the conversation with their dad, worried it would affect their relationship. [7] The impact severely damaged Stingley's spinal cord and left him with incomplete quadriplegia for the rest of his life. He also became addicted to drugs popping 10 pills and a Budweiser a day to cope with the pain. 1 - Jack Tatum Paralyzes Darryl Stingley - Jack Tatum dished out some monstrous hits in his football career, including a crushing blow he put on Sammy White in Super Bowl XI. This is often regarded as one of the biggest hits in Super Bowl history. kcchefs58 says: In 1980, Houston equipment manufacturer Byron Donzis, who invented the quarterback "flak" jacket, spoke of the challenges of outfitting Campbell's massive 34-inch thighs. I can only imagine what would happen if he got picked up and was pile driven to the turf like Bradshaw was against the Browns years ago, and that has happened to countless QBs over and over. He endured a series of medical missteps that put him in a wheelchair and led him to a dangerous addiction. "What happened over time is everybody just thinks I had football injuries," says Campbell, who turned 65 in March. He is also known for a hit he made against New England Patriots wide receiver Darryl Stingley in a 1978 preseason game, that paralyzed Stingley from the chest down. Tatum, who was known for his devastating hits, including one a year earlier that ended the career of Darryl Stingley and left him paralyzed, delivered a blow to Campbell that he never saw coming. George Gojkovich/Getty Images 'The only time I ever felt somebody hit me' In 1978, Oakland Raiders safety Jack Tatum ended the career of New England Patriots receiver Darryl Stingley in one of the NFL's most tragic injuries. He helped them in that regard by writing an autobiography entitled, "They Call Me Assassin." He is a celebrity football player. Big/strong? Todays guys are too soft and they make too much money to risk it all and lay everything on the line every single play. Todays NFL players are more business men than football players. Earl Campbell is one of the greatest players in Titans/Oilers franchise history. Earl Clark 2009-10 Panini Inscriptions #364 AUTOGRAPH RC (Scratched Surface) . #2 Barry Sanders In the late 1990s, at a benefit 30 miles away from his East Texas hometown of Tyler, Earl Campbell sat at a table while the party's host, a colorful businessman and one of Campbell's best friends, summoned sheepish onlookers to come say hello to the legend. When I was standing on my head in my end zone, nobody knew this, but I was thinking, Somethings wrong. [5] However, according to his former head coach John Madden, Tatum was never called by that nickname during his playing career. [1] Soon after the game, sportswriters started to compare him to Chicago Bears linebacker Dick Butkus because of his hard-hitting skills, and he became the starting free safety in his rookie year. [2] The Raiders crushed the Vikings, 3214.[1]. Back then, you had a bunch of semi-fit large dudes whacking each other, but it wasnt at the speed of todays game. "As bad as it would have been for me not to be an athlete, I think when they tell a young man that they can't do something because of stenosis, I think they should really take a hearing to what the doctors are saying," Campbell said. [4], Tatum died in Oakland on July 27, 2010, after a heart attack. Whenever players talk about taking drugs or smoking weed to get through the week, I think of him. There was an awkward collision as Stingley lowered his helmet to protect himself and hit Tatum's shoulder pad. Campbell was once seen as the baddest man on the planet. Todays players are on a level of size and impact that the old timers cant understand. He has had both knees replaced. Earl Campbell was a terrifying NFL running back for eight seasons. orange and blue own the nfl says: So do I. Its no wonder Taahmy is so great. The NFL just isnt as hard hitting as it used to be. In 1978, a collision broke the New England receiver's fourth and fifth vertebrae, leaving him almost a quadriplegic. Jack Tatum played for the Raiders from 1970 to 1979, and he was one of the top players on the Raiders' defense. "I know you were this great athlete that everybody knows -- Heisman Trophy winner, all this stuff -- but you probably should've never played football," Campbell said the doctor told him. Tatum was inducted into the Ohio State Varsity O Hall of Fame in 1981 and into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2004. How many Super Bowls did Jack Tatum win? Pointing to Campbell's name at the top of their draft board, Bum said, "Do you think he's the best player that you've ever seen?". Feb 1, 2017 10:20 AM And by offering quotes such as this to the media: "I like to believe that my best hits border on felonious assault.". [2] The ball fell into the hands of Steelers running back Franco Harris, who ran it 42 yards for the game-winning touchdown. The oft-rerun hit on Earl Campbell at the goal line when both players were basically knocked out on the play. Tatum, among the most feared and. Feb 1, 2017 10:20 AM. Earl was such a beast that in todays NFL, he would be the one getting called for unnecessary roughness every time he carried the ball. For him, it's just one more instance where Campbell might have been sidelined. The big running back won the battle, an oft-cited, celebrated moment of Campbell's superhuman strength. Hes really lucky he was not injured severely with that hit, the way his head snaps back and then the way he falls. The turf was the place that changed his life. [2] Tatum had said he attempted to visit Stingley in the hospital, but was rebuffed by Stingley's family. A member of the College Football Hall of Fame, Ohio State awards during the season a "Jack Tatum Hit of the Week" award. Tatum, who was known for his devastating hits, including one a year earlier that ended the career of Darryl Stingley and left him paralyzed, delivered a blow to Campbell that he never saw coming. "The competitor in him never goes away," Christian said. [4] He was ranked as the sixth hardest hitter in NFL history by NFL Films and was elected to three Pro Bowls. Any defender who decided to tackle him did so at their own risk. The Buckeye player who upholds his collision tradition during a game receives the "Jack Tatum Hit of the Week" award. Take a look back at the dominance of Longhorns icon and Hall of Fame running back Earl Campbell. ", "Earl has been very lucky that he didn't have any catastrophes when he was playing," said Dr. Stan Jones, a spinal surgeon in Houston who performed Campbell's fifth, and he hopes, final, back procedure in 2008. Head coach Woody Hayes recruited Tatum as a running back. "Not just myself as a spine specialist. But after watching his A Football Life hes become one of my favorite players of all time. When was Jack Tatum born? "Earl don't get up.". The idea was to make that receiver -- but especially the ones that were watching at the time or later on film -- think twice about doing so again. And the Steelers go on to win -- not just the game, but the Super Bowl.It's an epic moment. No more office workers or sports bloggers whove never played a down of organized football in their lives spewing their ignorance. 1 overall pick who had worked in pro football for 20 years, stunned Wade again. Earl Christian Campbell (The Tyler Rose) Position: RB 5-11 , 232lb (180cm, 105kg) Born: March 29 in Tyler, TX (Age: 67-291d) More bio, uniform, draft, salary info Hall of Fame 5x Pro Bowl 3x All-Pro 1979 AP MVP 1978 UPI AFC MVP 3x NEA MVP 2x PFWA MVP HOF All-1970s Team 3x AP Off. What has really changed for running backs? Brady would never make it in a more physical NFL. Brady would never make it in a more physical NFL. . You know, like, Earl Campbell played.". Campbell has talked about this hit often as an example of the physicality of football. "I'm sure they're excited to have Earl Campbell in their office and doctor on him. 8 K-gun depth charge projectors. He says he would've listened, knowing what he knows now and understands the sense of loss Floyd must be feeling. Men know the risks involved in football and its their choice to do what they wish. In 1974, Tatum had six interceptions and in Super Bowl XI on January 9, 1977, Tatum knocked the helmet off Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Sammy White. The game has gone soft but its to be expected when the owners would lose millions because of the lawsuitsProtect the money 1st, the game 2nd. [1] Tatum was used by the Buckeyes to cover the opposing team's best wide receiver, but he also was used occasionally as a linebacker due to the nature of his hits and his innate ability to bring down even the biggest fullback or tight end. "In college and pro football, I never had nothing but a doctor telling me to turn your head to the right and cough," Campbell said. "Earl don't get up" because he couldn't. What position did Jack Tatum play? Tatum dealt with a series of problems related to diabetes in recent years. Jones told ESPN, after looking at the Tatum hit, Campbell is lucky. Instead, theyd be employed as waiters, deliverymen and other noble occupations, instead playing todays watered down football 21st century, both in terms over-saturation & the over-emphasis $ all bow down to it, integrity the game included. [4] A few weeks later, Tatum signed a three-year, six-figure contract with a $50,000 signing bonus. Tatum was voted to three consecutive Pro Bowls and was a member of one Super Bowl-winning team in his nine seasons with the Raiders. He separated them from their helmets. "Texas took me and put 30-40 more pounds of muscle and had me running 21 miles an hour at 260. "[Former Texas defensive coordinator Todd] Orlando told me to my face, 'We're trying to save you from you. Howe You won't want to miss a moment of the 2022 season! He said this hit, by Jack Tatum in 1979 . Earl was such a beast that in todays NFL, he would be the one getting called for unnecessary roughness every time he carried the ball. Why exactly? . As I've said over and over, it's a violent game. He became the most coveted recruit in the country, a mythical, out-of-nowhere phenomenon who former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer famously said was the only high school player he'd ever seen who could've gone straight to the NFL. "Well, what are you waiting for? On doctors recommendations, he started taking painkillers. - Early years. He was 61. He constantly gotten up time and time again from getting hit and played with countless injuries that he doesnt talk about. He followed that by running for 1,934 yards in 1980, averaging 5.2 yards per carry despite being a marked man by every defense. Earl Campbell's undiagnosed spinal condition was particularly dangerous for the type of power runner he was. "It's really dangerous. He was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the first round of the 1971 NFL Draft, and with them earned a reputation as a fierce competitor and one of the hardest hitters ever to play the game. [3] Along with future Pro Football Hall of Famer Willie Brown, safety George Atkinson and cornerback Skip Thomas, Tatum was part of the "Soul Patrol" secondary. Look at Tatum hit Earl Campbell, who falls like Ali to Holmes, on the goal line. In 1999, the Newark Star-Ledger named Tatum as one of New Jersey's top ten defensive players of the century. Legendary former Raiders safety Jack Tatum died of a heart attack in Oakland on Tuesday at the age of 61. Texas didn't know. In a game against the Green Bay Packers on September 24, 1972, he returned a fumble 104 yards for a touchdown. Dr. Kinsey delivered him and was so close to the family he even suggested names. Campbell has become the latest current or former ball carrier to complain about the new restriction on the things a player can do while carrying the ball. "I think if people had known -- the doctors he was seeing at the time and the team doctors -- that he was really significantly stenotic, they wouldn't have let him play. . But if you don't recognize the greatness of this hit (on multiple levels), you don't understand the game. He played seven more games that season, saying he felt fine. You must be logged in to leave a comment. Jones performed surgery to insert new rods and remove all the extraneous hardware, much of which had become loose. Yes, he delivered plenty of crushing blows while patrolling the secondary as a safety for the Oakland Raiders. Here's a tribute to the Hall of. [2] However, assistant coach Lou Holtz convinced Hayes to switch Tatum to defensive back during Tatum's freshman season. As Campbell lay unconscious, his massive legs would jump on the operating room table when Jones would try to remove the screws, which had begun poking into nerves. I cant play because I didnt get a pedicure this week. At Texas football games, he was always in a golf cart or riding on a scooter. The truth came late to Campbell himself, which is why he hasn't told this story in much detail before. That was his trademark. . Just not as physical as it used to be. Drinking did. . He is also special assistant to Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds, in charge of mentoring Longhorns athletes. The browser you are using is no longer supported on this site. [14], Tatum was honored by Passaic High School during their 2008 season. "They were trying to save me from possibly harming myself.". What he did on the football field is the stuff of legend. Quite the opposite. Jack Tatum, the storied Oakland Raiders safety best known for landing the hit that paralyzed New England receiver Darryl Stingley, has died. Well, football is not played like it was when I played, Campbell told USA Today. Heres a look back at Earl Campbells legendary career and how it was always one play away from ending tragically. After years of playing the game like a battering ram, Earl Campbell was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, the same injury that ended Michael Irvins career. It sounds like he may have taken a few too many to the head. "A shock went down to the heels on my feet. MRIs revealed Campbell had metal rods, along with 12 screws, in his vertebrae from the previous procedures. I can't do anything.'". Hes in an electronic wheelchair and looks just completely physically shot. He joined CSN Houston to discuss the . Register now! Tatum worked on increasing awareness of diabetes. "God forbid I died," he said as he voice trails off. With this revelation, Jones, Campbell's surgeon, went back and watched the play. During Monti Ossenfort's introductory press conference Tuesday, Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill noted that DeAndre Hopkins' future would be top of mind once his new GM settles in. He cried when the Giants folded him in 2007 and 2011. Tatum was involved in one of the more significant plays in National Football League history, the Immaculate Reception, during the AFC divisional playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 23, 1972. When opponents played the Raiders, they knew they were in for a physical battle. Feb 1, 2017 10:13 AM Enjoy rooting for ATL. After watching Campbell brutalize the Southwest Conference for four years, the Houston Oilers traded up to get the No. Campbell grew up poor as one of 11 siblings who all worked the rose fields in Tyler by day. "It's hard to articulate," he said. As Stingley reached for a pass, Tatum's helmet slammed into his shoulder pad. He was popularly known as "the Assassin" because of his playing style. In my heart and mind, I forgave Jack Tatum a long time ago. Donnie Shell's Famous Hit on Earl Campbell Tim McMillen - mcmillenandwife 3.49K subscribers 216K views 2 years ago Hall of Famer Donnie Shell's famous hit on Earl Campbell, badly bruising. cfos00 says: But Id rather watch the football players of the past than the businessmen of today. A shock went down to the heels on my feet. Its still a very physical game and players have gotten bigger, stronger and faster, so they did need to tone it down or else they would run out of healthy players by the middle of the season. AUSTIN, Texas - NFL Hall of Famer Earl Campbell said Tuesday he is undergoing nerve treatment after doctors ruled out concerns that he might have Lou Gehrig's disease. He is also known for a hit he made against New England Patriots wide receiver Darryl Stingley in a 1978 preseason game, tha 2022 NFL Enterprises LLC. He was tough. Feb 1, 2017 10:58 AM Dont know what THIS article had to do with Brady but hes taken some pretty brutal hits over the years and has always popped right up. Brady would have been folded. [4] Tatum played his first professional game against the Baltimore Colts, in which he tackled and knocked out Colts tight ends John Mackey and Tom Mitchell. The horror! Earl Campbell's undiagnosed spinal condition was particularly dangerous for the type of power runner he was. (And please wait to see Tatum's hit on Earl Campbell.) Well guess what Peyton would not have made it either, hes not as tough as Brady is now. Jealousy will get you nowhere. Campbell. Campbell never saw Tatum, who was obscured by his linemen and arrived at full speed, meeting him at the goal line with the crown of his helmet delivering a brutal blow right under Campbell's chin. I felt nearly invincible," Floyd said. However, what hes done since might not have garnered as much attention, but its more important as it has allowed Campbell to share his story and help change lives in the process. Garrett Wilson RPA- 1:7 Odds to Get a Pictured Hit!All 21 packs will be auctioned off exclusively at One of his sons was his inspiration to stop drinking his life away. Will epic playoff collapse open door for a Chargers coaching change? They saw him only in the light cast by a single play, rather than for his complete body of work. They just let people dunk the ball uncontested. Receivers, in particular, are getting even greater protection from hits that come when they're in a "defenseless" position. Jack Tatum passed away on July 27, 2010 at the age of 61. [15], 1968 Ohio State Buckeyes footballconsensus national champions, 1970 Ohio State Buckeyes footballNFF co-national champions, Las Vegas Raiders first-round draft picks, "Jack Tatum, Whose Tackle Paralyzed Player, Dies at 61", "Jack Tatum dies; Oakland Raiders 'Assassin' was 61", "Jack Tatum dies at 61; Oakland Raider safety whose hit left Darryl Stingley paralyzed", "The Assassin and The Reverend: Remembering the late Jack Tatum", "The wounds never healed for Jack Tatum or Darryl Stingley", "No sting of bitterness: 25 years later, Stingley is still forgiving of Tatum", "Lambeau's Lowlights: There were plenty of not-so-fond moments, too", "NFL Records: Individual Records: Fumbles", "Former NJ Football Star Jack Tatum Dies - You Don't Know Jersey - From High Point to Cape May", FWAA 19691994 Quarter-century All-America Team,, African-American players of American football, 20th-century African-American sportspeople, Short description is different from Wikidata, NFL player missing current team parameter, Infobox NFL biography articles with old URL, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Career statistics and player information from, This page was last edited on 11 January 2023, at 01:27. Earl probably had a contusion of the spinal cord at that time, which would explain the burning. Campbell now speaks openly about the dangers of painkillers and his addiction. At the Heisman Trophy ceremony, he remained in his seat while his fraternity brothers lined up on stage behind the winner. Thank goodness astroturf is gone, too, that was just green cement! He cries to the ref when a pass rusher falls at his ankles. And his hit on Minnesota Vikings rookie wide receiver Sammy White in Super Bowl XI ranks as one of the hardest hits in league history. American - Athlete Born: March 29, 1955. It might have been more scrappy back then, but the skill and finesse take front stage now. Campbell arrived at the University of Texas in 1974 with his clothes in a single paper grocery bag from Brookshire's, the store where his mother, Ann, shopped. Hall of Fame safety Ronnie Lott, who was to the 1980s what Tatum was to the 1970s, called the Raiders standout one of his football heroes."One of his greatest hits I ever saw was him hitting Earl . "I said, 'Aw, come on, show me what you can do.' He didn't start at running back until his senior year, yet averaged 225 yards per game in leading the school to the 1973 state championship. But even the general doctors on the sidelines and the trainers are much more attuned to that, where they would probably keep the player off the field after that play for further evaluation.". Tatum retired after being released by the Oilers following the 1980season. Gamesmanship sometimes gets 15 yard penalties. "[12], The Oakland Raiders were one of the more resilient teams of the 1970s, and Tatum's leadership was a major contributor. Archie Manning was a far Superior athlete than either of his 2 QB kids and he got murdered in the 70s as his kids would have too. very few from today would survive in the NFL of the 70s. Do players have a longer career nowadays than before? You can see Tatum's greatest hits on Earl Campbell, Sammy White . Earl Campbell ran from the rose fields of Tyler to become one of the greatest running backs of all time, only to discover that the same body that made him a superhero contained its own kryptonite. Hell, I didn't know no better, I thought you go to a doctor and that's somebody that's gonna save your life. In an iconic NFL moment in 1979, Oilers running back Earl Campbell and hard-hitting Raiders safety Jack Tatum collided near the goal line. Dr. Mark Spoonamore, who works with college and pro athletes at the USC Spine Center in Los Angeles, said Campbell's back condition was more dangerous for him than most anyone else who might have played with stenosis. The owners should want the responsibility of these rules on the players now more than ever. Today, hes a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and speaks candidly about the dangers of painkillers and his own addiction. [4] Tatum helped lead the Buckeyes to a 272 record in his three seasons as a starter, with two national championship appearances, two Big Ten titles and two national championships in 1968 and 1970. More information on Jack Tatum can be found here. Share. Tatum, who was known for his devastating hits, including one a year earlier that ended the career of Darryl Stingley and left him paralyzed, delivered a blow to Campbell that he never saw coming. His hands are a swollen mess and shake, and his knees are so bad he hardly ever leaves that chair. All for free, and available on all devices at Jack Tatum through the years's complete photo archive. That wouldnt have got the job done back in my day.. In 2008, Campbells former Houston Oilers coach Bum Phillips introduced him to his own spinal doctor, Stan Jones, who removed much of the hardware inserted in the previous surgeries that had become loose and caused pain touching his nerves. The self-professed country boy who had avoided the temptations of the 1980s as a football star didn't foresee the danger of prescription painkillers. Despite Earls desire, the concussion lawsuits happened and the league has been trying to cover its ass. Most professional sports have all gone soft. _________________________________________. But during his senior year of high school in California, Floyd was having the game of his life with more than 30 tackles when he collided with an offensive lineman, pinning his chin against his chest., "The lick I took from Jack Tatum, that's the only time I ever felt somebody hit me," Campbell said. "It's actually more common for people to get paralyzed or have a bad neck injury because you lower your head and engage the other player that way. Earl Campbell was one of the most feared running backs in college with the Texas Longhorns and in the NFL with the Houston Oilers. Youre statement has no basis and you only typed it because hes a great player without happening to be your QB. [2][4] Tatum became part owner of a restaurant in Pittsburg, California. Thats a severe whiplash, which can cause spinal cord injury, especially with spinal stenosis.. That the rules have changed to protect passers after throwing the ball helps too. Have yet to see any player faster let alone as fast Bullet Bob Hayes of 9.1 hundred fame. In July, the University of Texas announced it would immediately change the name of the football field at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium to Campbell-Williams Field to honor Campbell, who won the 1977 Heisman Trophy, and the Longhorns' other Heisman winner, Ricky Williams (1998). But Campbell doesnt like it. He's really lucky he was not injured severely with that hit, the way his head snaps back and then the way he falls. That's a severe whiplash, which can cause spinal cord injury, especially with spinal stenosis.". This is not owned by me NFL Legend - Jack \"Assassin\" Tatum Highlights(All rights go to ESPN, Fox, CBS, Universal Music Group, the NFL, NBA, NCAA \u0026 it's broadcasters. for his first three years, he was as good or better than Jimmy Brown, the goat of running backs. Floyd was told by doctors that his injury was connected to his diaphragm. Campbell, 57, will. He absorbed the blow, stumbled backward and fell into the end zone, rolling over to see Tatum left in his wake. Hard to compare apples to oranges. Thank god that Campbell isnt trying to sue the NFL claiming that he didnt know playing football would have long term physical effects. Is that why his head is shaped like the inside of a helmet?

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